Project Description

Professional Design: A Way to Stand Out.

The visual identity of a brand is the key part of your company’s brand awareness and brand recognition. It’s about details.
These often undervalued details have the power to influence a client’s impressions when they first come into contact with the brand.
A coherent, well-thought-out, detail-oriented, and ‘market research-based visual identity not only makes a company look professional and trustworthy, but it generates a network of loyal customers that should constantly grow.

It’s also important that the brand associations are not random, and are tailored to give the same messages and create a powerful effect each time. In each project, I took part in, we gave professional input to brand characteristics, and we made customers happy about it.
I cooperate with polish talent, Anna Skibicka, who is in charge of AtFive. She gives a great experience, knowledge, sense of style, and creativity in branding, web development, and UX research and design.

Latest Projects.

Real-estate Company / Tel-Aviv | Visual Identity of the company / Marketing Materials production | 2018
Interior Design Products / Tel-Aviv | Visual Identity of the company / Website | 2019
Angel Investors’ Club / Warsaw | Visual Identity / Website / Marketing materials| 2018
Digital Business Association Berlin-Brandenburg / Berlin | Rebranding / Visual Identity / Marketing materials| 2019
Insurance Agent / Poland | Website | 2020

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