Project Description

Value of Speaker Relations

One of the most important parts of the conference planning process is the securing of speakers to participate in an event. Starting with the logistics part that it is needed to be managed, speaker relations management is also about building strong business relations between them and the conference’s organizer.
For this reason, it is important to emphasize the importance of getting all the necessary materials, and both sides’ agreements for the sake of the live stream when communicating with speakers.

Making the conference running smothly

The conference agenda determines the event content. Making sure all conference information is noticeable, accessible, and relevant is what makes an event agenda stand out from the rest. Strong conference agenda is the same important for organizers as it is for attendees. An agenda provides a way for organizers to accurately measure event engagement, seek attendee feedback, and offer sponsorship opportunities.

Chatbot Summit

Chatbot Summit is one of the world’s leading Chatbot event series with a mission to help the players of this newly formed economy grow faster, together. The 4th edition of the conference that took place in Berlin brought together over 1500 attendees from over 75 countries, 100 speakers gathering during two days and around 4 stages.


Speaker relations specialist and agenda coordinator


Speaker relations
Agenda coordination
Stages & Lineup coordination
Communication and promotion in Europe


Making the conference days running smoothly regarding stages of content production


Let’s Work Together

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