Project Description

Polish Tech Night

Polish Tech Night promotes mutual benefits of international cooperation within the startup industry between Berlin and Poland in terms of investments, financing, know-how transfer, development of common products and services. The initiative is about building bridges between foreign startup ecosystems.

And we know we’ve built some!

The goal of the Polish Tech Night is to discuss differences and commonalities between the Polish and Berlin startup scenes. We want to open up new opportunities of cooperation and to build a bridge between those two neighbored startup scenes.

The power of people!

The greatest idea are built by an amazing people that are involved in. The Polish Tech Night is co-organized by the team of aligned, experienced specialists from the startup ecosystem. Together with Ewa Galant, Ula Lachowicz (Polish Berlin Tech) Anna Mencel (BST Media Solutions), Adam Formanek (SIBB e.V.), and Tobias Szarowicz (Yobo App) we put our sources to create an ultimate opportunity for community members to match and grow.



  • Mentor, partner, and sponsor relations (building and developing).
  • Startup scouting, assessing, and recruiting.
  • Supporting startups in making business relations to foster rapid growth.
  • Communication and promotion: media relations, promotion strategy, networking, and social media

Companies’ support in sourcing for connections and building business relations locally and abroad for faster growth.


Let’s Work Together

If you want to develop and build business relations, if you need to organize a great event, business delegation, meet-up or workshops feel free to contact me.