Project Description

The mechanism works only when all its parts are well fitted and oiled.

During nine years of work for the biggest Polish jewelry company – Apart Sp.z o.o. I learned that even the smallest part of the company mechanism matters and that team is as strong as its weakest link. I went through the whole career ladder in the Watch Department, from the basic employer through After-Sale Service Manager, to the entire Department Deputy Manager.
My main duties regarded team building and leading, supporting teamwork, keeping them to remember they are an important part of the big evolving projects. Problem-solving on various levels of department functioning was my every-day reality.
In the fast-developing company, together with my team, we created After-Sale Service standards with its unique solutions to manage customer relations for a chain of over 200 Points of Sale. It gave the company the reduction of customers’ service time, percentage of claims, and rise product awareness in clients’ minds.

My interests are in modern and effective ways of team building and managing. I am also an experienced, customer-orientated specialist that can build an ultimate customer service solutions.


Department Deputy Manager
After Sale Service Manager


Managing a department with over 45 people diversified on duties, age, and personality.

Implemented realistic sales and marketing goals like export process, stock managing, and brand media communication.

Created and took care of service standards in over 190 POS all across Poland and key customer service.

Collaborated with foreign suppliers and vendors.

Negotiated business transactions with clients in a persuasive and professional manner.

Worked with the team with the mandate of creating and developing new brands (Albert Riele, Elixa, Aztorin, Bergstern).


Building a well organized and co-working team of specialists and creating the ultimate business partnerships and customer service solutions to achieve the company’s market goals.


Let’s Work Together

If you want to develop your customer service and business relations, feel free to contact me.